Hop! A something based in a fic my waifu mybrotherthinksiminsane is writing X3 ♥ Dominance and absolute trust are the motors of this ship ♥
Oh, the blasphemy!

PS: Also a detail of Levi’s face ‘cause I love how it came out ♥

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¡Hey, Noiry! Sigo - y admiro, por supuesto - tu trabajo desde hace muchos años. Bueno, con decirte que cuando descubrí tu página de deviantArt tendría unos 15 años, y este año cumplo 23 :'3 El caso es que quería decirte que me pareces una artistaza, así que muchísimo ánimo y fuerzas con todo lo que tengas en mente, que vales un montón. Y seguro que no defraudas. A mí, por el momento, no lo has hecho ~ ¡Un besazo fuerte! ♪~(´ε` )

Ah muchas gracias ;w; ♥ Qué ilu leer a alguien que lleva tantos años siguiéndote. Intentaré siempre estar a la altura ♥

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would you ever consider selling prints of your art? i think this would make a great poster: /post/64854606439/attack-on-titan-by-noiry-done-omg-this-took-so

Actually, that one was printed and sold in Spanish conventions, I still don’t know if we could get to send them overseas :_)

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Ah! Dónde vives en españa?

Asturiaaaaaas Patria queridaaaaaa ♫

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Would you do more yoga art? I'd love to see Levi doing crow for the hell of it.

This time the kids win :_D

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AL FIN <3 No tengo ninguna queja de Sm, pero ahora puedo morir feliz jajaj Gracias! <3

Me alegro :D Se ha hecho esperar pero creo que ha valido la pena ;) ¡Gracias a ti!


Raising funds.

They’re doing this for money. The Survey Corps always needs money.

(Based on this).

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Swimming Monkeys. EP.1 | Free! Fanfic »

¡Primer epílogo! Más largo que un día sin pan porque se ve de qué patuca cojeo yo :3 (rinharuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu)

Los monos invitados de hoy son los que aparecen en el Doodle de Google de hoy, en conmemoración del día de la tierra :D Era una señal.

También en fanfiction.net

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Since we are in conversational mode and you have been more than kind in answering my replies, there is something I need to know regarding ur lineart. Most inexperienced artist use one stroke to define the whole line art while you and other experts will use strokes of different width on certain angles, which imo retains the original feel to the gesture which was on the sketches, would you bestow your insight knowledge over this matter since u are a professional artist. Thanks for reading dis ask.

Hope you don’t mind I reply to this publicly, it’s a pretty interesting question.

Line width helps separate visual layers, things closer to viewer would have wider and more detailed lineart while those in the background are thinner and simpler. The same way, it’s used in places where a shadow is cast, like the jawline, nostrils, etc. Besides of those, modular lineart gives the picture a more organic feel. I for one don’t have an specific method for this, I just try not to do a single stroke, and if I do, it’s usually referencial and I rework it later. When I ink (digitally) I tend to imitate the way I ink traditionally, which I usually do with brushes and ink and rather quick, so strokes are irregular in width. 

That’s what works with me anyway, I’ve seen pro artist ink with brushes with no size variation and some even disregard stylus pressure and still do wonders with that, so in the end, the quid is finding what works for you and your style.

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