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- Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan

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I fell so in love with Noiry’s Erwin that I had to model it. Also she really helped me to get the face correctly, thank you 

I need to print it and put it with Levi! But I still don’t have a 3D printer so I made this lousy edit (a girl can dream)…


And now, painting!

Waifu is amazing ♥♥♥
Look at that perfection, his nose is so delicious, and his everything nnnnnngh ♥ 
We need a 3D printer ¡A¡)

More from our business!au eruri.
Prompt was Erwin wearing a black shirt of sex, picking up his boyfriend from the office. Also introducing Erwin’s dog Ernst Ludwig Wilhelm von Bismarck, or simply Billy.
Levi doesn’t like Billy, Billy doesn’t like Levi. Everything is perfect.

PS: Couldn’t be bothered to paint a proper background so I just picked a premade one from Manga Studio xD I’m a cheater.

What size of paper do you use for the sketches for your comics? In half a DinA4, in a DinA3, in another kind of paper--

Folded dinA4 so technically, A5 :)

Hey Noiry! I just bought a "drawing shonen manga" book and there's a Noiry coming from Spain that drew illustrations in it. (really awesome ones btw lol) By any chance, would that be you o_O ? 'Cuz I know you're amazing, but I didn't know you were working as a pro ?? Maybe I shouldn't be asking that but you're always such a lovely person I thought I might ask you directly <3 Thanks, Kam

Yep, that’s me :) I’ve been working as a professional for around 7 years now, mostly as an illustrator or in the past year, as a comic colorist.
I’ve also been lucky to give birth to two beautiful comics :_3

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you made a eruri doujinshi? WHERE CAN I BUY IT *.*?

Nowhere yet, I’m still drawing it xD

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Is it like the Eruri Bible or something? Cause damn, you’ve already done amazing job!

The devil makes work for idle hands XD

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This got out of hand :_D

Thank you everybody for being so supportive! :_3 ♥

Hey, forgot to mention here that the thumbnails for the doujin are all finished :_D It’ll be 112 pages long, so completion will take a little while :_3


 A whole new world~ ♫ (x)

Click on the image for a better resolution.

I cried a lot with this thing. Tell me it was woRTH IT


This totally happened when everyone sent Rin off at the airport and no one can convince me otherwise.

or maybe it will happen everytime Rin comes back to Japan 


I will never stop talking about my stupid headcanons to you and then suffering because of your amazing talent. Everything is your fault.His precious little nose is your fault. Me thinking about Erwin biting it is your fault and I adore you and bye

Never stop talking about your headcanons with me.
Come and kiss me with them.image

"Enough work for today."

Erwin can’t help himself and bites Levi’s tiny pointy nose.